Most people say ‘composite decking’ is quite relevant to ‘garden surface.’ But these days composite decking has become more relevant to any flooring surface as well. The main question is what composed of composite decking that makes it best companion in flooring world and that too in competitive price! Nowadays the increasing order of commercial demand is also demanding more Composite Decking Clearance in short period. When someone is interested in the composite option, they need to take care of both ‘composite’ as well as ‘clearance.’ Now the term ‘clearance’ indicates both, the replacement of your old flooring with some beautiful design Composite Decking in Adelaide as well as the cleaning and maintenance part. You need to perform both to maintain the classy look and feel of your property. Significant numbers of homeowners are considering it as the best alternative of traditional timber decking. Take an important note, when you are going for the clearance project you need to consider a few factors including the budget and some natural factors. We are here to guide you to get standard Composite Decking Clearance in a very short period of time.

The composition of composite decking:

Composite decking has a little story that will give you a brief idea about its composition. In early 1990 some manufacturers tried to generate something new that will be flexible to use in any space that homeowners were not getting from timber deck. So they tried to invent something with the composition of wood dust, virgin as well as recycled plastic including used plastic bags. Though composite deck has a very similar look to PVC deck, they are not same in quality and also in sustainability. PVC clearances are quite expensive and also bear less resemblance compared to Composite Decking Clearance.

Trex is the first company, who has introduced composite deck first in the market and marked them as a green building flooring product. They used sawdust, wood chips that have been recycled from sawmills, and combined them with the grains of plastic that have been obtained from recycled plastic bottles as well as other throwaway items. Wood chips and plastics are the 95% composition material and are considered as the best composite decking material of composite boards and the rest 5% were dyes and binders. In modern days when people are going for Composite Decking Clearance, they are actually getting the same composition with new features, its like ‘old wine in new bottle.’ Therefore the composition you are getting is actually the evolution phase of previously used material.

Why composite decks are marked as ‘green building product’?

A product is considered a green building product when it helps to reduce the harmful waste. As we have discussed earlier that composite deck is composed of used plastic and sawdust. Therefore you can imagine that the process in which the composite deck is formed is actually an environmentally friendly process. The plastics are recycled and have reduced the amount of it in a landfill. On the other hand, the manufacturers are obtaining it from the nearby source that also helps to reduce the energy that needed to transport the materials. So when you are deciding to go with Composite Decking Clearance, you are taking one step forward towards environmental consciousness. The environmentalists have recently stated that best composite decking cannot recycle it but decomposes very slowly. Therefore it releases the plastic granular in the soil very slowly too and prevents the rate of pollution level.

Composite Decking Clearance

Different types of composite decking:

Flooring in Adelaide house is not an easy task; you have to decide various step correctly to get flawless flooring. You need to know every detail about the flooring material at this point, only then you can take the right decision. So, when you are deciding to go with Composite Decking Clearance, you need to know about its variation. Here are some types:-

Wood polymer composition:

You can consider it as a gift from an ancestor because it is the first composition of composite decking. Still, it is a popular choice of homeowners due to its affordable price as well as natural timber look. On the other hand, it doesn’t require regular maintenance. Also, it doesn’t need any seal or stains the deck in an annual basis.

Capped composite:

It is a similar option of WPC or wood polymer composite but has an extra polymer shell that is water resistant and protects the deck from moisture. Here you can perform easy Composite Decking Clearance. That means you can clean up the liquid on its surface easily and that too without allowing the wood to soak it.


It is an expensive alternative flooring product made up of polyvinyl chloride. On the other hand, it is effortless to clean and maintain because it does not contain any wood.


It is another eco-friendly option for homeowners. It has a look and feels like wood and wood grain. It is also weather resistant and low maintenance alternative.

Cleaning and maintenance:

It is the second phase of our discussion that also indicates Composite Decking Clearance. As we have said earlier that composite deck is easy to clean and need low maintenance. Here are some tips about the cleaning process of this deck:-

• If you have dirt and debris on your deck, you can swipe it off only with a stiff broom. You can remove the fallen leaves from your deck surface by using a leaf blower.

• If there are any stains, smears of dirt or chalk lines on your deck surface, you can remove it easily with the help of scrubbing brush, soap, and warm water.

• You can remove rust stains and water spots from your deck surface by using a deck brightener. The brightener is consists of oxalic acid, which will eliminate the spots quick way.

• You can also perform Composite Decking Clearance by using dishwasher detergent to remove oil stains from your deck.

• If there are moulds on your deck surface, you can remove it easily by using specialised deck cleaner.

• You can use various pressure washers to clean your deck surface. One thing to say doesn’t use blades, sands or shovel to remove snow and ice from your deck surface.


With easy Composite Decking Clearance, you can keep your deck clean, fresh and bright. You only need to ensure that your deck surface is appropriately clean and there are no stain or oil stain mark on the deck surface. Proper maintenance will increase the longevity of your deck and preserve the colors, looks and feel.

As you have seen, there are lots of things to remember and focus on, which is quite hectic in your busy schedule. So it will be the right decision if you hire a clearance service provider. Contact Floor N Décor for standard, quality and affordable Composite Decking Clearance project. Contact us today.