Following are top tips for carrying out Flooring Installation in Adelaide –

Choose your wooden floor carefully

There are a lot of different types of hardwood flooring so make certain you choose the right one for you. Hardwood flooring comes in a broad variety of diverse grain patterns, species of wood, plank sizes, and surface finishes. All of these shall be signed for you as you shall want the floor to fit in flawlessly with your space. It is important that you think about whether you want engineered hardwood or solid hardwood. Depending on how you want to carry out Flooring Installation in Adelaide you may take this decision. If you have underfloor heating or wish to float the floor over an underlay, you will need to choose an engineered hardwood. Sometimes, the subfloor will also comprehend the kind or thickness of the flooring. For case in point, if you have joists, your wooden flooring must be at least ‘18 mm thick’. Why not have a look at the fitting wood flooring onto diverse subfloors for further information. The other thing to think about when carrying out Laminate Timber Flooring Installation in Adelaide is – how busy is the area? Some of the species of wood are more hard-wearing than the others. If you have a busy living space or hallway, something durable such as Oak might suit you. Alternatively, for a quieter room, you could select a more delicate wood, such as Walnut for Flooring Installation in Adelaide.

Acclimatize your wood floor

As soon as the hardwood flooring has been delivered to the property, it is imperative to let it acclimatize sufficiently. Acclimatizing means to allow the flooring to become accustomed to its novel surroundings. Hardwood is a natural product and shall inevitably expand & contract with changes in heat & humidity. By letting your hardwood flooring acclimatizing to your home, you are minimizing the risk of damage to the wood once it’s installed.

Following are some simple steps that have to be followed to make certain you acclimatize your floor properly –

• Make sure that your floor is delivered in ‘plenty of time’ before the Flooring Installation in Adelaide starts.

• Put the hardwood flooring still in its packaging in the room where it is to be installed.

• The room has to be thoroughly dry. The hardwood shouldn’t be left on a damp floor or in a space with wet plaster on the walls.

• Make certain that you do not leave the wooden flooring next to a heater or radiator.

• Leave solid wooden flooring to acclimatize for at least a span of 7 days.

• Leave engineered wooden flooring to acclimatize for at least a span of 72 hours.

Prepare your subfloor ready for Flooring Installation in Adelaide

It is extremely important that you correctly prepare your subfloor before installation. If it has not been done in the approved manner, it can cause the flooring to become damaged. The most significant things to check are whether the subfloor is flat, level, clean, and dry.

• Make use of a spirit level to make certain that your subfloor is flat & level. If it is not, you will have to either line your subfloor with plywood (for a wood subfloor) or make use of a self-levelling compound (for a concrete subfloor).

• This step is very important for Flooring Installation in Adelaide. Check the Moisture Content (MC) of the subfloor by making use of a ‘Moisture Meter’. A wooden subfloor should be 16 per cent MC or below. A concrete subfloor should be below 6 per cent MC. If your subfloor isn’t dry enough, you should give it more time to dry out in a natural manner.

• The subfloor needs to be clean. Remove old chemicals or adhesives that might still be stuck to the subfloor and sweep away the dust and dirt.

Flooring Installation in Adelaide – Do it in the correct direction

The direction you select to lay your wood flooring is completely up to you. It might be worth considering how you want your room to look through. Most of the people lay their floor lengthways in accordance with the path of light coming from a door or window. This helps to draw attention to the natural beauty of your flooring as the light falls on the grain’s pattern. You might also want to take into consideration the shape & size of the room. If you have a smaller room, installing wooden flooring along the length could make the room look much bigger. One rule that you should follow, if you are nailing your floor to existing floorboards, it is to be perpendicular to the floorboards. This will help to provide strength to the flooring and keep it stable.

Wooden Flooring Installation in Adelaide

Installing wooden flooring depends on a number of things – which type of flooring you have selected and what subfloor you have at home. There are a lot of different choices from floating over an underlay, gluing down, secret screwing or secret nailing. Just make sure that your installation method is right for your house and the particular flooring you have bought. All of the hardwood floors come with a detailed fitting instruction manual. It is extremely imperative that you read these cautiously before installing the floor. The instructions are in place to help you to get the finest possible results from your novel wood floor. If there’s anything you are uncertain about, or you would like further advice on, please contact Floor n Decor for carrying out efficient Flooring Installation in Adelaide. We also are famous installers of laminate flooring in Adelaide. So, never be perplexed when you think of installing floors, just give us a call. We know that floors are an integral part of your house that is the reason why we install them rock solid!