If we ask you how many options of Hardwood Flooring in Adelaide region available there to choose from if we invite you to pick only popular flooring material, do you know how many species are available in the market? Hardwood flooring is a vast chapter, and you need to go through every sentence to make a clear idea about it. The first preference modern homeowners are giving to hardwood flooring. But often it is found that they are in a confusing state of mind when it comes about what to buy due to their lack of knowledge about this chapter, often it has been seen that this lack of experience makes them choose the wrong one. So if you are thinking to install Hardwood Flooring in Adelaide house, then this article is for you. Therefore sit with a cup of coffee and go through the entire details and then make a smart decision about choosing the right one!

What is hardwood flooring?

The first thing you need to know what defines solid timber flooring in Adelaide region. Well, hardwood flooring is a timber or wood flooring that is generally made up of real wood and then designed to use as a flooring material. The designed is based on either structural or aesthetics. Wood is the first preference of any Hardwood Flooring in Adelaide region, but these days many manufacturers are using grass mainly bamboo to produce more beautiful hardwood flooring. We will discuss the species more briefly later on.

Solid wood flooring is generally made up of a single piece timber that has been milled from. It is mainly used for structural purposes and can install directly perpendicular on a wooden support beam in the desired place of a building and is known as bearers or joists. It has a thicker wear surface that can be sanded and finished as many times as per your requirements.

How a Hardwood Flooring in Adelaide region manufactured?

Well, to understand hardwood flooring more clearly it is essential to know its manufacturing process. As well said earlier solid wood flooring is made up form a single piece solid timber that has kiln or air dried before the swing process. Here the timber is commonly cut into three pieces depending upon the desired look as well as desired dimensions such as flat-swan, rift-swan, quarter-swan. The exciting factor is that the moisture content is carefully controlled at the time of the manufacturing process to ensure that the product does not get a wrap at the time of transport as well as storage.

Types of hardwood flooring:

Hardwood Flooring in Adelaide region comes in three basic types, and for each kind, you will get both an unfinished as well as prefinished version. In a hardwood Flooring Installation in Adelaide house, you need to sand and finished the job-site after installation of unfinished flooring. In pre-finished case the flooring is already sanded and finished in a factory, all you need to do is to do a simple installation. Below are the three basic types of solid wood flooring:-

Strip flooring:

It is the type of Hardwood Flooring in Adelaide region that is denoted the thickness as well as the width of the solid wood planks. In this flooring type the width is set at a constant value, and the thickness can vary, so you are free to choose from a various range of depth from 5/16 inch to ¾ inch of wide.

Plank flooring:

It is the flooring type that only comes in two particular thicknesses but here is a small difference from strip flooring. In strip flooring, the width remains constant, but in plank flooring, the width also varies with the thickness. The width ranges vary from 3 inches to 8 inches, and the thickness is either ½ inch or ¾ inch.

Parquet flooring:

It is the type of Hardwood Flooring in Adelaide region that is pretty much different in look and feels from typical hardwood flooring. Parquet flooring is made up of some particular geometrical patterns that composed of distinct wood slats and held in the desired place with the help of mechanical fastening or with an adhesive.

Is hardwood flooring is better than engineered timber floors and Floating Floors in Adelaide?

When you are going for customized flooring installation, you should not be confused between the engineered timber floors and floating floors, because people often get confused at this point. Engineered timber floor is made up of plastic laminate veneer along with the adhering layers of real wood whereas the floating floor is a kind of laminate floor that contains no real wood. So if look, feel, tone and texture are your points of concern then it is better to choose Hardwood Flooring in Adelaide house over all other flooring material.

Why should one choose hardwood flooring?

If you look over the countless benefits of solid wood flooring, you will get your point. Those benefits are as follows:-


In a hardwood floor, the main advantage you can enjoy from it is its versatile option. Over the years your style, as well as taste, may change and your hardwood floors will go with almost anything you want to have. Not only it will suit your interior décor but also offer you the latest range of color as well as the finish to select from. Therefore you are free to buy your desired hardwood flooring piece you love.

Strength and durability:

Hardwood Flooring in Adelaide is well known for its high impact strength and ultra-durability. It is the floor that will take a lot to do a scratch or dent on its surface. After so many years of use if your flooring surface gets scratched, scraped, scuffed or damaged you can remove all these marks with the help of a spot cleaning only. It will last for many years without even small damage.

Aesthetic look and feel:

No one can beat Hardwood Flooring in Adelaide region when it comes about the look and feel of your floor surface. It is the only flooring option that will add both on your property elegance as well as warmth. It will make your floor more interesting, inviting and aesthetic. Many people have said that they personally feel their space look bigger after installing it in their small area.

Before you are going to install hardwood flooring, you need to clarify the following points, which are the important points you need to know before you are going to buy it.

Where you want to install it?

There might be various places where you want to install Hardwood Flooring in Adelaide house.


For kitchen place, you must choose an oak or hickory like hardwood that can handle heavy foot traffic. You can use it in your entryway also.


In your bedroom, you should choose black cherry or black walnut like softwood.


In your basement, it is better to avoid solid wood flooring that has a low grade. Engineered timber option will be suitable here due to its stability and can withstand against the high humidity prevails.


For bathroom place, you need to install such Hardwood Flooring in Adelaide that can withstand regular moisture and excess water.

We know it is quite hectic to remember every point before going for a flooring installation. So it is better to hand over the job into an expert hand. Contact Floor N Decor today, and we will guide you from product choice to flooring installation within your budget. Contact us.