In modern days Laminated Timber Flooring in Adelaide region become the ‘lamination of age’ and put homeowners into a point, where they have to make a deep analysis before they take any decision regarding timber flooring in their house. Sometimes people get confused whether to choose traditional timber flooring or bloom their house through laminated timber flooring or venture themselves into the land of engineered timber flooring. The point is no longer clear-cut to them. Sometimes it also happened that people have decided what to install but still get confused about the point and asking themselves ‘where to buy it?’ And unfortunately, this confusion sometimes put themselves into great trouble and results in the wastage of money and time. So this article is for everyone who is not well aware of Laminated Timber Flooring in Adelaide region. We are proceeding with some fundamental question and answer session that will help you to visualize about its every point; from advantages to application.

What is laminated timber flooring?

The term ‘laminate’ indicates that it has several layers. It has two cores one is the inner one that tough and robust made up of high-density timber fibreboard that is bound together with a chemical called melamine resin. The second one is the outer core along with the top surface. A high-resolution photo of real timber is generally laid on it to make it’s surface smooth and aesthetic. The outer core surface of Laminated Timber Flooring in Adelaide has multiple layers bound by transparent melamine and has been designed to prevent the wear and tear of the surface. The top surface is covered by a final sheet made up of laminating plastic. The most amazing thing is that this ‘outer core hardwood facsimiles’ looks like real wood surface and that is why it has huge popularity among homeowners. Now we are taking you into a microscopic analysis, i.e., in each and every layer.

Layer1:- it is the base layer of Laminated Timber Flooring in Adelaide. It is made up of a thin and waterproof film that helps to stabilize the board and also helps to add an extra layer of waterproofing surface.

Layer2:- it is known as the core layer. It is made up of either medium-density water-resistant fibreboard (MDF) or high-density fibreboard (HDF).

Layer3:- it is the third layer of laminate flooring that includes the paper image of the desired design. It is nothing but a highly realistic four colour photograph of an actual timber in laminate timber flooring.

Layer4:- it is the topmost layers, and it consists of a mixture of melamine along with oxide.

The four layers of Laminated Timber Flooring in Adelaide are sealed with each other by putting heat and pressure. The melamine used to impregnate the paper to produce a solid bond directly with the inner as well as the outer core layer. On the other hand, the microscopic particles aluminium oxide within the melamine layer helps to create a polished appearance on the Timber Flooring in Adelaide region by providing high resistant to scratch and scuff. Therefore you can expect ‘end result’ of a realistic looking Laminated Timber Flooring in Adelaide region with a bonus point of extreme durability.

Is laminate timber flooring good for the individual property?

If you can’t afford or don’t have a large budget for real hardwood flooring as well as Engineered Timber Flooring in Adelaide region, you can choose laminate flooring, because it will fit your every need. Laminate floor has an exact look of the real wood floor, and most people can’t even differentiate them until you reveal the secret. It was the point of beauty. Now if you look over its robust nature, you will see this four-layer flooring is exceptionally durable and ultra strong in nature. Laminated Timber Flooring in Adelaide region is the only option to get an attractive look similar to the solid wood floor even by protecting your pocket! Now it’s up to you to decide whether it will be a good or bad choice for your residential or commercial area.

Why should one use laminate timber flooring in their house?

This answer is for those who are not satisfied with our previous answer. Here we will discuss briefly the positive and negative side of Laminated Timber Flooring in Adelaide region that will create clear visualization in your mind. As we all know to know a positive site of product we need to focus on its benefits that one gets from it. Here we will also focus on the advantages it is providing. Let’s start without wasting a minute because we understand you’re ready to update the look and feel of your rooms with brand new floors.

Easy installation:

Installation is an important part because a flawless installation can destroy the whole floor surface no matter what types of flooring you are doing. But when you are selecting Laminated Timber Flooring in Adelaide region, you don’t have to think twice about the installation part. Though the installation is not a DIY project you need to hire an expert but still, you will get easy as well as affordable installation. The most exciting part of a laminate floor is that it can be floated over your current existing floors.


One of the useful options you will get from laminate timber flooring is its various ranges of colours as well as wood grain imitations. In a laminate floor, you will experience a simulation of different natural hardwood layers. So you can set a particular look at the limited budget.

Easily manufactured and allows for movement:

Laminate timber floors are effortless to manufacture. Approximate 3-6 weeks required to set it in an environment so that it can acclimatize to the surrounding temperature and pressure. And then you can install it in 36 hours. On the other hand, due to the interlocking and floating floor qualities, one can expand and contract Laminated Timber Flooring in Adelaide region according to your requirements by changing the temperature and pressure. It also helps to prevent the floor from buckling as well as snapping against the existing subfloor.

What is the price tag of laminate timber flooring?

After seeing its huge benefits often asked about its price. In previous years we have received one common query about timber laminate flooring prices. Here one thing to inform you that several manufacturer and supplier has several price ranges. Also, the price tag changes according to quality and standard. The price tag also depends on the installation part too. You need to hire a professional because most of the homeowners are not skilled enough to ensure proper installation of laminate flooring. So if you wish your floors to look amazing, you should hand over the project to a professional like us. We, Floor N Décor a leading flooring service provider offering unmatched quality and best possible installation of Laminated Timber Flooring in Adelaide region. Contact us today.