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Most Popular Australian Timber for Flooring Types

Spotted Gum size 14/3x130x1900mm, Tongue & Groove, semi gloss surface finish, Engineered Timber Flooring SPOTTED GUM on clearance .

One of the Australian hardwood species, it’s hardness janka rating is 11 which is higher than jarrah and black butt, and it is also best suited Australian timber for bush fire prone areas. Its rating is the highest and makes it good Engineered timber flooring. Spotted gum is the plantation grown in the Australia which makes it very environmental friendly. It has much greater color variation than black butt ranging from chocolate brown to pale brown. Spotted gum Australian timber shrinks very less as compared to other timbers. It has less tannin content, so it bleeds less than other native timber.

Jarrah – Some people won’t settle less than the jarrah Australian timber for their flooring. Jarrah is most expensive than the other forms of Engineered timbers, but it’s beautiful color that vary from light to very dark reds and brown makes it the most popular choice. Jarrah turns grey when left unsealed and its durability range is 2 which make it fire resistant and you can place it in the fire prone areas.
Black butt – It is also one of the highly fire resistant Australian timber for decking. Black butt is Australian native and is lovely with brown color and unlike other native species, the color is consistent fairly. Black butt can be stained as per your desire. It can crack if unsealed, so sealed it as soon as possible and resealed time by time.
Merbau – In the past, merbau Australian timber was one of the most popular choices of the people of Australia and also used for building house frames. It is still very popular choice of people as it is less expensive than the other forms of decking timbers. Merbau rating is 2 and is rot and insect resistant. Most of the merbau Australian timber comes from the southeast forests. It can be little more expensive but it supports the environment and sends the same message.
Stringybark – Stringybark Australian timber comes in three colors such as yellow, white and red. White Stringybark has rating of 3 and best suited for outdoor use. Yellow Stringybark has rating of 2 and best suited for decking. Red Stringybark is less used and uncommon and may be more expensive than other forms. Most of the decking makers use yellow Stringybark for its price and durability. Gum veins and worm holes are there in the Stringybark Australian timber. Some people like variations in the Stringybark and some people like more consistent appearance.
Ironbark – If you wish your decking to stay longer with you, ironbark decking is the best with you. This timber gets this name because if it’s high density and its heaviness. This timber is difficult to work due its density but it has the highest durability rating of 1. Ironbark is beautiful timber with colors ranging from deep red to pale brown. Except of high durability, it is also termite, highly fire and rot resistant. If you are looking for pool decking, ironbark is the best decking timber.
Treated Pines – Treated pine is used for building the batten and joist. Baltic Pine takes paint or stain, so you can choose your own color that you want to paint on the planks. The hazard of the rating of the timber will tell you that how best it will suitable to your outdoor use and on ground. A good supplier of the pines timber can help you know the H rating for your decking, posts, joists and other components.

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