Horizontal Bamboo Flooring

Horizontal Bamboo flooring is Carbonized Natural Bamboo and it comes in its natural colour and stained grains of wood, and mostly it is enjoyable to see the natural beauty of bamboo with our FND product range, all the Horizontal bamboo flooring comes in the size of 1025mm x 128mm x 15mm, which has 16 pieces per pack and it covers 2.0992 sqm, all the edges are designed with smart click lock system, with special treatment on the edges with waxing process and in addition with the 8 coats of prime coating to enhance its shiny reflective surface and abrasion resistant level.

FND bamboo flooring care

1. It is recommended to use FND Heavy Duty Felt – Floor Protection Never Felt This Good
2. Always make sure to use vacuum clean or fine fiber broom, and damp cloth can be used to get rid of small dirt or stain but needs to be dried straight away, and avoid water on the floor
3. Apply FND plant based natural floor cleaner “Magic Floor”, Do Not use abrasive or chemical cleaning products
4. Avoid strike, rub and scrape on the surface of flooring.