Hybrid Flooring

What is Hybrid flooring ?

The Hybrid flooring is engineered flooring with vinyl and sand stone core composite and acoustic underlay backing, and the main advantages including water proof, higher stability and more durable click system


It has all the advantage of a Vinyl flooring, as its surface is pvc, and the calcium carbonate, polyvinyl chloride and stabilizer core makes it rigid 
 It is as hard as laminate flooring, but waterproof, will not swell when exposed to water.
 Easy to install with glueless click system. The IXPE underlay which is sealed on the back of the hybrid flooring plank makes it quieter to walk on it. Noise Reduction

Stain resistant, wear resistant, No Formaldehyde or harmful material such as benzene or heavy metal.

 Less subfloor preparation compared to vinyl flooring, and more environment friendly than laminate

Waterproof, rigid, Anti Slip and dimensionally stable

Structure of Hybrid flooring

 The most recent trend in hybrid flooring sizes can come in plank sizes from600mm to 1800mm long, and width from 120mm to 230mm, and the thickness can vary from 5mm to 9mm.

The plank style can be traditional floating flooring shape or in the herringbone pattern, and the surface can be vinyl or timber

The underlay of the hybrid flooring is becoming critical important as it can play a hygienic role with advanced underlay to enhance the waterproof and damp resistant level andprevent from mould growing underneath and with extra protection added for the superior quality hybrid flooring evolved in the late development of hybrid flooring products in the market.

The Wear layer can be 0.3mm or 0.5mmwith UV paint on the surface improve the protection layer.
 Locking System can be Valinge Click or Uniclic system which makes the locking system on all sides firm and stable, and this the case specially after change to short side click lock system.
100% virgin material with DOTP plasticizer and this brings the core and edges to be exceptionally durable and improve the longevity of the products.