Solid Timber

How to Choose the Best Solid Timber Flooring for Your Home

Points to Remember

Wood Flooring Cost – Cost of the solid timber flooring varies upon the quality and the designs of the timber and you can choose from wide variety of options for your home. The price starts from $55 per m2 and there is high cost solid timber is also available in the market that may cost you $75-$95 per m2. So, it depends on your budget that which option you choose.

How to choose Solid Wood Flooring? – Solid timber flooring is mostly found in solid planks of 15-20 mm thick and kiln or air dried. In available species, oak is the most popular solid timber of the species. Flooring can be bought either a stain or lacquer in the particular tone or shade or untreated to oil or stain you. Some suppliers sells the flooring in different grades depending on the look of the solid timber such as color variations, rustic or character grades with knots and marking through to selected or prime grades that are flawless. There are also trends for distressed or smoked finishes or wide board is also popular in the market. Reclaimed boards are much expensive than the other forms of solid timber.

Where can I fit solid timber flooring? – Solid timber can be used in dining rooms, living room and bedrooms and hallways. It should note that timber flooring can increase the sound of footsteps in the upstairs, so you might want to use the rugs to reduce the sound. It is also recommended that the solid timber is not advised for places like kitchen and the bathroom as there is high moisture remains and the timber may get cracked soon after installation. If you want to install in solid timber in such places, you have to pay high attention for care and instantly wipe out the water on the floor and also need high ventilation in such places. You can look for laminating flooring in such places which are practical solution for such places.

Can I fit myself? – It will depend on your ability and condition of your flooring. If you are fixing it on the concrete, you will have to glue the planks and if you want to fix on the existing timber, nailing is the best option. You also need to check the moisture level of the floor, ask the supplier and some supplier suggest 24 hours and other suggest longer.

Where can I find a reputable fitter? – Ask your suppliers if he can provide local fitters. Always go with the fitters from company laying floor and reputable in the market. You can also take suggestion from your family and friends. The national institute of carpet and floor layers can also provide you list of fitters of solid timber.

How to maintain a solid wood floor? –Solid wood can stand long with your floors and it can be sanded down for longevity of the floor and appearance. Regular sweeping will also safe the floor from dust and mites. A significant scratch means the whole surface of the solid timber needs revarnishing or sanding or oiling. So, ensure that high heel sandals are not put on the floor. Mop the floor once a week with a well wrung mop and use a solid wood floor cleaner for your floor.