At Floor N Décor we supply varieties of flooring underlay to suit your flooring projects either for new house or renovation, and you will find the right products for your purpose.

Recently we have introduced a new type of underlay in addition to our traditional underlay like 3mm Rubber underlay, Acoustic EVA 3mm, 5mm and 6mm with Delta rating about 22 dB, and standard 2mm or 3mm PE Foam with foil moisture barrier etc.

Platon Stop is a cushioning underlay and vapour barrier for use under floating timber floors such as laminate, bamboo or engineered wood flooring.

Platon Stop has been specifically developed for floating timber floors as an effective barrier to moisture. It provides protection from moisture issues which may occur in existing slabs and also supports the natural drying process of newly poured slabs allowing fast track installation of new flooring.

Platon Stop also provides a soft, comfortable walking experience and reduces impact noise transmission by up to 19 dB (ISO 717-2)


Three times as impervious to water vapour as 0.2mm polythene sheeting
Quick and simple installation
Effective sound insulation – up to 19dB reduction in noise transmission
Excellent cushioning effect – like walking on a pine forest floor
Puts an end to rising dampness
Protection from efflorescence
Environmentally friendly – no chemicals or odour
Floor coverings can be laid directly on top of Platon Stop even with residual moisture levels as high as 5% for cement screed.
Can be installed on top of underfloor heating
Flooring roll size – 1m x 10m and 1m x 20m


Remove existing floor coverings if applicable and clear concrete of debris. Level low areas as required.
Roll out first strip of Platon Stop, dimples towards the floor.

Unroll the next section, place edge to edge against the adjoining length of underlay. Join connecting edges and details with 75mm Platon Stop Tape.

Lay bamboo, engineered timber or laminate flooring floating on top of Platon Stop according to the flooring manufacturer’s instructions.