Heavy Duty Pull Bar

A heavy-duty pull bar for flooring installation is a specialized tool designed to help securely and precisely fit flooring planks together, especially in tight spaces or against walls. Here are some key features and functions of a heavy-duty pull bar:

Durable Construction: Heavy-duty pull bars are typically made of sturdy materials like steel or aluminum to withstand the force required for tapping flooring planks into place without bending or breaking.

Wide Surface Area: The pull bar usually has a wide, flat surface that distributes the force evenly across the plank, minimizing the risk of damage to the flooring surface.

Angled Design: The pull bar often has an angled or beveled edge that allows it to fit snugly against the edge of the plank, providing better leverage and control during installation.

SUPER TAK-TIK – Pulling bar for laminate flooring installation
  • With crowbar system.
  • Wide head for larger pulling surface.
  • Soft-touch material covers the base of the pulling bar to protect the laminate flooring.
  • For click-together laminate flooring.