Floor board Cutter

A flooring cutting board, also known as a flooring cutter or laminate flooring cutter, is a specialized tool designed specifically for cutting laminate flooring, hybrid Flooring.

Sharp Blade: A flooring cutter typically comes with a sharp, durable blade designed to make clean and precise cuts through the flooring material without causing chipping or splintering.

Guillotine-style Cutting: Most flooring cutters use a guillotine-style cutting mechanism, where the blade is lowered onto the material to slice through it cleanly. This design ensures consistent and accurate cuts, even on thicker materials.

Built-in Measurement Guides: Many flooring cutters feature built-in measurement guides or rulers to help you accurately measure and cut the flooring to the desired length, reducing the need for additional measuring tools.

Portability: Flooring cutters are often lightweight and portable, making them easy to transport between job sites or move around within a room during installation.

Noise Reduction: Some flooring cutters come with features designed to reduce noise during cutting, such as rubberized padding or a dampening system, which can be beneficial when working in residential or commercial spaces.

Safety Features: Many flooring cutters include safety features such as a blade guard or safety lock to prevent accidental injury during use.