What is Hybrid Flooring in Adelaide?

Hybrid Flooring in Adelaide is a new addition to the flooring selection and is made of high-density core recycled wood, virgin vinyl, bamboo flour and limestone. It is the future of vinyl plank flooring and available in several natural looking and realistic wood styles. Hybrid Flooring in Adelaide is easy to clean and highly durable and this type of flooring will not contract or expand, unlike another hardwood flooring. Rigid planks help in eliminating the subfloor imperfections. It protects you against excessive wear and tear of the planks. It provides you much cleanness as compared to another flooring, it provides you superior stain resistance and it is durable and resilient and resists dents and chips, it is waterproof and has high density and lock and drop glueless profile.


Hybrid Flooring in Adelaide is the perfect blend of functionality and style. Its current style is better and realistic. In many cases, the Hybrid Flooring offers more durable and tougher flooring than other options like laminate and hardwood especially in the cases of handling water issues and scratching. Not all the Hybrid Flooring planks are created equal. There is a difference in manufacturing styles by many manufacturers. Some luxury hybrid plank floors have a commercial warranty and some have a residential warranty. Hybrid Flooring in Adelaide is waterproof and water resistant. Some manufacturer claims that it is also hypoallergenic.

You can also compare the thickness as a relative concept for durability. The entry-level products start from 2mil thickness up to 6 mils. The key facts are that not all the hybrid planks build are the same. Price can also vary as per the style and brands. The price range is from $.99 per square feet to $5.00 per square feet. If your budget is low then you need to go with cheaper and entry-level and make sure that you are paying matches the wear layer and thickness of the product you are looking for. You will hardly found a discount on the 2 mils product range.

There are several finishes available in luxury wood looking Hybrid Flooring in Adelaide. A smooth finish is what most of the consumers are familiar with. You can get a more realistic floor by using a plank that is finished with registered embossing, ribbed and hand scrapped. These finishes give the plank more woody look and style by adding some texture to go with wood species and colour. If you have not seen the sample of the planks with registered embossing, make sure that you check out one before you make a final purchase. The large home improvement stores have limited offering of Hybrid Flooring in Adelaide, so you should go with the online stores and independent retailers online for getting Hybrid Flooring in Adelaide for your home. You can start your search with retailers that are perfect for floor style décor. Hybrid Flooring in Adelaide is water resistant and you are much safe with as compared to another form of flooring.

Facts about Hybrid Flooring in Adelaide

1. Subfloor-You needs to see the installation instructions regarding subfloor approved installation. You can also experience adhesive release, gapping, peaking and telegraphing.

2. Moisture-Hybrid Flooring in Adelaide is water resistant on the floor but it may trap moisture in between the subfloor and its layers. Do check the moisture level before you start the installation of the hybrid planks. If the moisture level is above the standard guidelines, use Hallmark coating system.

3. Sunlight-Sunlight can cause to contraction and expansion of the Hybrid Flooring in Adelaide, to avoid such issues gets guidelines from the flooring supplier about saving the flooring from sunlight. Put window curtains to prevent sunlight to come in the room and follow other guidelines to save the Hybrid Flooring from sunlight.

4. Scratches-All Flooring scratches are not covered under warranty. For excessive scratching or high traffic wear use hallmark recoat system and recover the flooring surface with recoating. It is advisable that test a small area before applying it to the entire floor.

5. Maintenance-There are particular cleaner for the Hybrid Flooring in Adelaide and you can get information and the product from the supplier and remember that other cleaner can leave a hazing, residue or incompatibility with the recoating process, so always go with the specific cleaner for Flooring cleaning.