Timber Flooring Adelaide

Engineered Timber Flooring Adelaide

If you love the look of fine natural timber flooring then FND Timber Flooring is the natural choice. Sharing the unrivalled beauty of Australian timber species and character of traditional European Oaks with durability and strength. FND Timber Flooring is the preferred choice of builder, architects and designers. Stunning extra wide boards with exceptional decorator colours to compliment any interior, and with super starch resistant surface finish, FND Timber Flooring ensures you long term enjoyment.

Australian Timber

European Oak

Solid Timber

These selection range from Australian timber to French Oak or even solid timber has an authentic appeal to compliment any interior with its exceptional and contemporary décors. Multi-layer backing for stability ensures these Engineered timber flooring is as durable as it gets. Sharing unrivalled beauty and character of traditional timber flooring, it is the preferred choice by leading builders,architects and designers.


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