One of the great things about Laminate Flooring Adelaide is that it’s long-lasting and near impossible to do extreme damage to. In comparison, its more costly alternative, real wood flooring, is alarmingly easy to damage, dent, scratch, and tarnish. Laminate flooring is much longer-lasting and much easier to maintain.

However, not even laminate flooring is indestructible. Over the years, your laminate flooring may wind up scratched, dented, scraped, and damaged, leaving it looking less-than-lovely. But there are a handful of useful steps you could follow to ensure your laminate flooring looks wonderful for years to come.

Look over our useful hints to keep your laminate flooring in tip-top condition.


  1. Never slide furniture

Irrespective of how huge your baby grand piano is, or how enormous your 6-seater sofa might be, always lift furniture, never drag it. Dragging furniture over laminate flooring can damage, scrape and scratch the surface of your floor.

  1. Move furniture regularly

Even though you should never drag or slide heavy furniture, you do have to move it frequently to save your Laminate Flooring Adelaide from becoming dented. Moving heavy pieces of furniture to a different spot every half year or so should prevent your flooring from becoming dented. Another way to reduce dents is to protect your flooring using felt pads below the castors and legs of heavy items such as tables and sofas.

  1. Wipe your feet

Put a doormat at each exterior doorway to prevent sand, grit, and water from damaging your floors. Extra sand and grit can ultimately scratch and damage your floor, whilst a wet laminate floor could wind up stained and might find itself more seriously damaged over time.

  1. Remove high heels

High heels are very bad indeed for any hard flooring option. Real wood flooring is frequently ruined by high heels. This is because small objects which exert a lot of pressure are exceptional at creating dents. Laminate Flooring Adelaide is more resilient, but high heels can ruin laminate as well. Take them off at the door to prevent this!

  1. Clean carefully

Because laminate flooring is so damage-proof it is easy to forget that there are some real cleaning no-nos. Never clean your laminate floor using a scourer, sandpaper, steam cleaner, wax, polish, chemicals, or soap-based cleaning products. Instead, all you need is a mop, a hoover, and a brush.

None of these steps will use up much of your time. It probably took you longer to read them than it will to go and do them! Taking off your stilettos and using a doormat are not labors of love, while occasionally shifting your furniture will do wonders for your feng shui! So make the most of your Laminate Flooring Adelaide by giving it just a few seconds of thought. Not only will these tips keep your floor looking great, but they will also save you the expense and hassle of choosing and installing new, replacement flooring.